Frequently Asked Questions


I have forgotten my password, how to reset the password?
You can contact our customer service: marketing@otrtech.net. We will send reset password email to your account. Then you can reset the password and log in.

2. Why there is no shipping method to my country?
Sometime it's the system problem, such as we can ship to United States, United Kindom, Canada, Germany and so on. But one day, there suddenly didn't appears the shipping method. In this case, please contact our customer service: marketing@otrtech.net. The another situation is due to the website was updated, there miss the shipping method to your country. So please also contact our customer: marketing@otrtech.net. We always here to help you.

3. Can I apply the coupon code after I have placed the order?
Unfortunately, we are unable to apply coupon codes to orders after they have been placed. Please ensure to input your coupon code prior to purchase to receive any available discounts.

4. My coupon code is not available as I forget to use it within 2 months, is that possible I can use it again?
Generally, we will offer the special coupon code for 2 months for the customer, we recommended for use within the time limit. If in the special condition, please contact marketing@otrtech.net, we would re-active the coupon for you.

5. Why the free shipping service is unavailable now?
Due to our website was updated, the new version is a little different with the old one, including some function. We will do the free shipping service when we are ready to do that.

6. Can I pay by Wechat or Alipay?
Yes, you can. Kindly place the pending order first, then contact our customer service on the website directly or mail to: marketing@otrtech.net.

Why i can not "Edit" or "Delete" my address?

At first, we really sorry about this. We are trying to fix it now. If you find your default shipping address is wrong, then please contact: marketing@otrtech.net, we can help you to change your address. Or just leave us message online, thank you!

Why the price become different when i check out the order?

At first, the price is not including the shipping cost when you add the product into the shopping cart. Second, our website only support US Dollars as the currency. So please don't change the currency casually. The currency is the main issue affect the price, please attention to it! If you haven't change the currency, but the price still runs big difference, then please contact: marketing@otrtech.net, we will check it for you!

Can i use PayPal?

Yes, our website supports paypal payment.