Virtual Reality 360

Ocolus Rift VR Gaming

VR Headsets

VR AR-X Glasses 3D

All-in-One VR without a PC

Ready To Go When You Are

The littlest, Big screen

Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics make your headset feel more like a personal theater.

Watch with Friends

Meet up in VR with friends and fans from around the world to catch live sports, concerts or binge-worthy TV

Effortless control

Whether it’s navigating through the biggest hits on TV or to a far-off land, the intuitive controller makes getting there a cinch.



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Shipping & Returns

Delivery is free of charge for standard shipping on orders over $300

Extended Warranty

Two years warranty on all of our bags. We promise that they will last.

Control Comes Naturally

Use the Minini VR controller as a remote control to navigate your virtual reality with ease or use it as a gamepad complete with trigger to win battles.


Press and swipe to select and navigate


Get the view with a spectacular 4k camera.

Back-Home Key

Need a go back? No problem at all!

Volume Key

Press and swipe to select and navigate
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